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Hello! I'm a writer, editor and translator. I live in Paris.

I am French-English bilingual, translating in both directions. A few short stories of mine have been published in France (two of them have received a Prix du Jeune Ecrivain award), the US and the UK. One of my translations for a sci-fi short story was nominated for an Imaginales award in 2016.

Under a pen name, I've been nominated in 2019 for an Eisner Award as part of an anthology published by Image.

I am always looking for new projects; I can adapt my offers to private clients as well as publishing houses or start-up companies. Among the people who've already trusted me are Fayard, Calmann-Lévy and JC Lattès (Hachette Publishing).

I hope you enjoy your visit; feel free to make use of the Contact form!

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Merci pour votre envoi !

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